The Beatles producer signed a contract with them because they were good guys

The Beatles’ producer George Martin signed a contract with the legendary rock band in the early days more because they liked him than because of their music, he revealed once, and his son confirmed it in a recording he shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

George Martin, who died in March 2016, helped launch the band to global success in the 1960s and was often referred to as the fifth Beatles.

“There were four of them and I asked: who are they? “What are they?” the legendary producer told his niece in a video released by his son Gils Martin, also a producer.

George Martin met the Beatles in London as members of the Liverpool band sought a place under the sun – before becoming the world’s most famous quartet.

“When I heard what they were doing, it was good, but it was not great,” he recalled in a recorded conversation.

“But the magic came when I started meeting them because they were terribly good people,” he continued.

“They were fun, they were very smart, they said nice things, they were the kind of people you want to hang out with,” George Martin recalls in detail in an old video.

“I thought: if I feel this towards them, other people will feel it too, so they will certainly be quite popular.”

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