The battle over abortion rights in Michigan will be decided by voters this November as the abortion proposal will be put on the ballot, Michigan Supreme Court confirmed

Voters in Michigan will have the opportunity to weigh on on the contentious issue of abortion rights in November.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Michigan handed down its ruling, which was reached by a vote of 5-2. As a result of the verdict, voters will be given the opportunity to decide whether or not to write abortion rights into the Michigan Constitution.

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The decision was made just one day before the deadline for completing the ballot, and it comes several months after the U.S. Roe v. Wade, a historic case that was decided in 1973 and guaranteed the right to abortion across the country, was reversed by the Supreme Court.

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After the Board of State Canvassers decided not to certify the abortion rights ballot initiative for the November election, the proponents of the measure filed an appeal with the highest court in the state. The decision by the Supreme Court of Michigan on Thursday to put the measure on the ballot, so giving the people of Michigan the option to decide for themselves, was met with almost immediate public outcry.

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“An overwhelming number of Michiganders submitted petitions to bring these matters before the citizens of our state,” stated Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. “Their voices should not be smothered by two unelected partisan board members,” she said.

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Many medical professionals in Michigan are keeping their fingers crossed that the proposal will be approved, despite the fact that the Michigan Republican Party has criticized the choice as an abdication of the court’s responsibility.

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“So that we can continue to help our patients make the deeply personal and private decisions around pregnancy and abortion, without politicians deciding for them,” said the Committee to Protect Health Care. “So that we can continue to help our patients make the deeply personal and private decisions around abortion.”

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Tudor Dixon, a candidate for governor of Michigan on the Republican ticket, said in a tweet, “And just like that, you can vote for Gretchen Whitmer’s abortion agenda and still vote against her.”

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Richard Czuba, a pollster for Local 4, stated that they had never argued the basic topic of whether or not abortion should be permitted. “That discussion has never taken place in the state of Michigan.”

And at this point, we will.

According to Czuba’s findings, the proposal has a strong likelihood of being approved.

According to Czuba, “This polling is quite solid by 2-1 percentages that voters do want to bring in a constitutional right to abortion.”

These voters are more inclined to support the Democratic Party, and political experts agree that this indicates the Republicans need to take a more aggressive stance.

When the Board of State Canvassers gathers once more on Friday to certify the petitions in accordance with the court’s ruling, the inclusion of the item on the ballot should become finalized and official at that time.

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