The animal shelter hosts a microchipping event

HASTINGS, Neb. (Nebraska) – The Heartland Pet Connection held a microchipping event on Saturday to increase the chances of finding a lost pet. People have been able to get their pet microchipped and licensed. Licensing was based on whether your pet was groomed or fed, with the option to choose a one-year or three-year license. All it took was an updated rabies record and $20.

“Chipping allows us to reunite lost pets much faster because we scan every animal that enters the shelter when they get here,” said Jennie Theesen, Manager at Heartland Pet Connection. “It also provides proof of identification, proof of ownership, and that is also very important. So if someone’s pet is stolen, it’s just another way to have that proof that the pet actually belongs to them.

Theesen said, Heartland Pet Connection brings together at least one pet a day with their owner, because they were microchipped. Some owners have chosen to have their pet microchipped due to a past experience.

“Well, we wanted it to be chipped,” Brad Lang said. “We actually had one experience where it already slipped away and we had to run down the street. That way, if it’s chipped, someone finds it, we can locate it, deliver it, and get the animal back.”

Lang said, It’s great to have your pets chipped, because it’s much easier to find them when they go missing, and it’s also safer for your pet. Officials also hope this event will lead people to microchip their furry friend.

“I hope he doesn’t just release the licensed microchip,” Theesen said. “I feel the more we can inform people especially before major holidays like the 4th of July. This is when many people have pets that break free and run away just because they are scared of fireworks.

Theesen said getting your pet chipped before a big vacation is super important, due to the amount of time spent paying attention to other things around you. In case people haven’t had a chance to bring their pet on Sautrday, Heartland Pet Connection is hosting another microchipping event on March 18.

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