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The American Dream: Omaha residents explains best what that means

OMAHA, Nebraska — The American dream: a way of life sought by numerous individuals from around the world. One local service member’s military career was determined by his father’s decision to acquire U.S. citizenship.

“Everyone comes to the United States in pursuit of success and the American dream. “For me, it was joining the Army,” Angel Hernandez said.

Marc Thomas of 3 News Now met with the Army Staff Sergeant and native of South Omaha.

“I come from a family of immigrants, and the most important thing for me is to give back and express gratitude for the wonderful chances I’ve been given,” said Hernandez.

According to him, serving in the military was the least he could do for his nation, which has done so much for his family.

“My family immigrated to this country with the intention of creating a better life for me and my siblings.” “If they had remained in their native country, I don’t believe that would have been possible,” stated Hernandez.

Hernandez’s father illegally entered the United States decades ago in search of better prospects and to support his family in Mexico.

He exerted himself diligently and…

After many years laboring in the fields, my father was able to obtain permanent residency under the Reagan administration. A few years later, he was able to acquire his citizenship,” stated Hernandez.

And that initiated the path that led to the present day.

“When I wear the uniform, I feel a sense of pride,” he remarked.

As a child, Hernandez always desired to join the military.

“Because of what was going on with 9/11 and the war and all that, my parents were hesitant about me joining the military. “But ultimately, they understood that this was something I wanted to do, and they were quite supportive,” he said.

Formerly a paratrooper, he is now a recruiter.

“I received a few Black Hawk jumps, a few Chinook hops, and a few tailgates. So instead of jumping out of the door, you jump out of the rear of the airplane while it is moving forward,” Hernandez explained.

According to him, the Army allows him to continue caring for his family, just like his father did for him and his brothers.

The Army will assist me in guiding my four young children in the proper route. It provides me with discipline. It provides me with structure. “And I’ve been able to teach my children that these things are beneficial inside a family, since I am aware of their value,” added Hernandez.

Family is a significant aspect of Hispanic culture, he argues.

“As Hispanics, we are able to accept many cultures and individuals. And it’s a fascinating and entertaining culture that involves family, which can be anyone,” he remarked.

In search of a slice of the American Dream…

“Just because you are Hispanic does not make you inferior to others. “You still have the same opportunities as everyone else,” Hernandez added.

Carrying the influence of his family’s past, he stated, “No matter where you come from, what you do, or what month it is, you should always have a feeling of pride. Regardless matter whether it is for your culture, where your ancestors come from, or for being an American citizen.”


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