The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated guidance on head lice for the first time since 2015

Since 2015, the American Academy of Pediatrics has for the first time revised its head lice recommendations.

One of the most important facts is that infestations are neither a health risk nor a sign of poor cleanliness, but they can cause enormous shame and psychological stress.

According to the AAP, school-based head lice screening programs have not been shown to have a substantial impact, are not cost-effective, and may stigmatize children suspected of having head lice.

It further states that no child or adolescent in good health should be excluded from school or allowed to skip school due to head lice or nits.

Medical professionals should inform school communities that practices requiring students to be nit-free or nit-free before returning to school should be abandoned since they are detrimental to academic achievement, may violate children’ civil rights, and stigmatize head lice as a public health problem.

Dr. Marciel Oquendo, a doctor in Dallas, reiterates that head lice are neither a health risk nor a result of inadequate cleanliness.

While he feels that students should not be sent home or isolated, he believes that parents should be alerted and should speak with their child’s pediatrician before deciding how to proceed.

Even while lice are a major annoyance for many individuals, they do not offer the same health danger as COVID or influenza, according to Dr. Oquendo.

Marietta Klein, owner of the Royal Treatment Center in Hurst, states that screenings do assist uncover cases before they worsen and the affected child is bullied.

“Kids are often bullied if they have a serious case of head lice that isn’t treated,” Klein explained.

Her suggestion to parents is to complete their assignments immediately.

Klein stated, “Since COVID, people are unaware that it exists, but the instances are worse than ever before.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises treatments that are safe and age-appropriate, eliminate live lice and nits promptly, are user-friendly and cheap.

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