The Adventures With Purpose volunteer team will help find Robert and Loveda Proctor.

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — A team of volunteer divers that claims to have helped solve 26 missing persons cases since 2019 will be assisting in the search for a missing Nebraska elderly couple.

“Adventures with a Purpose,” with nearly three million YouTube subscribers, is coming soon to Nebraska, a family member and Aurora police told 3 News Now.

. They were first reported missing on January 14, and police say their last known location is Hastings in the early hours of January 12, as they were heading west, away from their home in Aurora.

Two weeks ago, on January 12 at 01:02 am, the Aurora Police Department drove down Highway 6 in eastern Hastings. They left for the west.

Authorities also believe their car can be seen heading west through a roundabout along the same highway 37 minutes later, on the other side of Hastings, near Adams Central Public School, Aurora Police Chief Paul Graham told 3 News Now.

In a January 30 update, the family reported that their last known location was traveling east on W 6 near Giltner at 10:25 pm on January 11. Giltner is about 18 miles northeast of Hastings.

But the chances that more footage showing the proctors’ movements that Wednesday night and Thursday morning will be found seems slim. Graham told 3 News that right now, most cameras on possible routes don’t store video for more than 30 days, and in some cases a week.

“We all feel like we can just cry at any time,” said granddaughter Lacey Fleming. “But we’re still trying to keep hope and just keep our heads out of the game.”

And the family insists on national attention. Because it’s been so long, they could be anywhere, Fleming said.

In a way, they attract the attention of the whole country. The case was featured on Nancy Grace. Adventures with Purpose has 2.83 million YouTube subscribers and 1.6 million Facebook subscribers.

Graham said there was no clue that they might be underwater, but any search would help.

Finding Proctors: What You Need to Know

They were driving in a blue 2007 Chrysler Pacifica with a US Navy Nebraska honor plate, license number “1030”, a Navy Seabee decal on the rear window, and a damaged front bumper.

Adventures with a Purpose

Recent videos from a famous diving team include other teams missing cars in the Louisiana River.

The group provides its services to families for free through donations, YouTube revenue, and product sales.


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