The ACLU of Nebraska is launching a new video series

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) — Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska released the first video in a new series highlighting Nebrascans who are transgender, nonbinary, and bispiritual, a term used by many Indigenous communities to describe member LGBTQ+ tribes. The video is now available on YouTube and, a website operated by the ACLU of Nebraska.

The debut video features eight Nebrascans discussing their thoughts on dignity, equality and respect. Subsequent videos in the series will showcase individual stories, delving into the lives of the featured Nebraskas. In total, six videos will be released in the coming weeks.

Omahan Eli Rigatuso filmed the new series and says his goal was to capture the diversity of transgender, non-binary, two-spirited people in the state.

“As a transender and a two-spirit myself, I was honored to capture these stories and am proud of the participants,” Rigatuso said. “Seeing us attacked by the media and used as political pawns, my aim was to highlight our diversity and, more importantly, our joy. We are extraordinary Nebraskans who thrive no matter what we face.”

The new series is a revamp of the civil rights organization’s 2015 series “Transgender Voices”. Its launch comes as the Nebraska Legislature considers several bills the ACLU of Nebraska says threaten the LGBTQ+ rights of Nebrascans, including bills that would ban young people from attending drag pageant events of all ages. ages, deny transgender youth certain types of medical care, and prohibit transgender youth from playing sports consistent with their gender identity.

Jane Seu, an ACLU of Nebraska legal and policy counsel, said the series comes at an important time.

“Everyone can benefit from hearing the stories of these Nebraskanians and learning more about their lives,” Seu said. “Their messages about the need for acceptance and understanding are for all Nebraskas, and we hope that LGBTQ+ Nebraska youth can see themselves in this series and know that they belong in Nebraska exactly as they are.”

The ACLU of Nebraska lists LGBTQ+ rights as a top priority. Transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming Nebrascans can find information about their rights and resources at the organization’s standalone website:

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