The Academy offered Chris Rock to host the Oscars again, but he declined the invitation

The comedic performer was presented with an offer from the Academy, but he turned it down.

The comedian Chris Rock stated that the Academy offered him to host the Academy Awards the following year, but he turned down the offer.

During a stand-up performance in Phoenix over the weekend, according to the Arizona Republic, Rock reportedly stated that he would not accept the offer.

After the incident at the Oscars where Will Smith slapped him, Chris reportedly said he was offered to star in a Super Bowl ad, but he turned it down as well. However, he did not accept the offer.

He claimed that the smack that Smith gave him was really uncomfortable.

He towers over me in stature. According to The Rock, the state of Nevada would not allow a battle to take place between him and Will Smith.

Will Smith stormed the stage at the Academy Awards in March of 2022 and smacked Chris Rock when Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The incident occurred during the Oscars. Chris, who was giving out the prize, drew a parallel between Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia, and the character that Demi Moore played in the film G.I.Jane. Smith shouted at Rock, “Don’t even think of mentioning the name of my wife!”

According to reports from NME, one day after the dispute, Smith issued a statement in which he apologized publically to Rock, the Academy, Rock’s family, and the cast and crew of “King Richard.”

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