The 3G network to be shut down in Nebraska, Omaha companies and residents are preparing for the changes

Omaha, Nebraska – With the implementation of the 5G network across Nebraska, the 3G network is slowly becoming a thing of the past as everyone is expected to switch to 4G and 5G networks if not already.

The 3G network presented decades ago, is slowly being disconnected across the Omaha area and both residents and companies are encouraged to switch to the modern 4G and 5G as soon as now.

Disconnecting the 3G network mostly causes disruptions in the security companies’ operations and they are now informing their clients about the changes.

Omaha homeowner Michelle Grossman was reached out to at the end of last year.

“It was late spring, summertime when we received a letter from our company saying that they were going to be upgrading the system and that we needed to do it and I kind of blew it off because I figured I don’t really want to dump more money into my security system, then they sent a second letter, then somebody called.”

According to the companies operating in the Omaha area, they are informing their clients that the system must be upgraded to the modern 4G and 5G networks.

“We had heard about it happening, heard about 5G cause everyone wants the latest and greatest with their iPhone in their pocket, but we didn’t think anything of the security system.”

AT&T plans to turn their 3G network off next week. Those residents running their system on 3G will not be protected if they don’t switch the systems to the newest technologies until the 3G network goes down.

“If someone would break in or if we’d set off a false alarm, the machine wouldn’t send the message, so we’d basically be unprotected, in those situations so it’s a safety concern because you pay to have your system monitored, and you pay someone to call the police if there’s an issue, not that we’ve had problems, but peace of mind, we want to get what we’re paying for.”

According to Grossman, the whole operations for upgrading her unit took only 40 mins. She said it was not a complicated task for the local representative.

Nationwide, companies and pubic entities are asking community members to check all their devices.

“It’s important to upgrade for the fact that if you don’t upgrade it, it’s not going to work.”’ says Rusty Winn, with the Midland, Texas Emergency Management Agency. “So when an emergency does happen and you need that medical, or you need to make that phone call to a family member or what to talk to your family member, or your alarm system just magically goes offline, that’s why we want to fix them and upgrade it to make sure everyone is safe and understanding what’s going on.”

More information about the upcoming shutdown and when other cellular networks are expected to turn it off can be found here.

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