Texas teachers would also not be allowed to talk about sexual orientation or gender identity with students under the fifth grade

According to CNN, before to the vote, the president of the school district board, Casey Ford, stated that the regulations were “derived straight” from the education code and represent “Texas law and community values.”

How would these harmful policies actually operate? Let’s examine what we now know. First, all transgender kids would be prohibited from participating in teams that match their gender identity. They would also be required to use the restrooms and locker facilities corresponding to their designated sex at birth. Both of these effectively require kids to “out” themselves or isolate themselves from their friends, such as by quitting sports or being late to class or lunch because they must use a separate bathroom.

The policy prohibits any classroom discussions or instruction that is even vaguely trans-inclusive, including conversations that support trans people living a gender other than their “biological sex.” The policy also prohibits statements of “gender fluidity,” including the notion that a person may be “any gender” based on their “feelings.”

Teachers would also be prohibited from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with kids in grades K–5.

“I am so sorry for the students in our district whose education is going to be stunted,” said Becky St. John, who serves as a trustee of the school board and voted against the policies, per The Dallas Morning News. She added that these policies are not only going to “overburden” teachers but “harm” students.

In addition, the policy grants board trustees extensive authority over book selection. Notably, it would stipulate that disputed and deleted works cannot be restored to the library for an additional decade.

A pupil in elementary school stated that they enjoy bringing books to school. “According to my mother, the trustees are altering rules to make it more difficult for my instructors to keep books at school,” he told the throng of around 200 people. I believe this is a horrible idea because children like reading books.

Children desire to read books. And engage in athletics. And use the restroom responsibly. And discuss their identities. And their respective familial identities. And feel supported, protected, and loved. Naturally, children are aware of all of this; it is conservative adults who wish to indoctrinate them with hatred.

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