Texas student taken into custody after bringing gun to Arlington school, Arlington ISD and Arlington police both confirmed the incident

ARLINGTON, Texas — A pupil at Gunn Junior High School was taken into custody on Tuesday after it was reported that he had brought a gun to school the previous Friday.

A kid came forward on Tuesday and said that another student had brought and shown off a gun at school the previous Friday. This information was corroborated by both the Arlington Independent School District and the Arlington Police Department. It is not apparent whether the gun was loaded or had any ammunition in it.

According to the police, the student eventually acknowledged to them that they knew he brought the pistol to school, despite the fact that policemen and school administrators never saw the gun in question. It is not apparent why the pupil had the gun in their possession.

After further investigation, the student was charged with illegally carrying a weapon in a restricted area by the officers.

According to the police, there were no injuries.

Due to the fact that the student who was arrested was a kid, the police will not be disclosing their identify.

It was confirmed by the principal of Gunn Junior High, Matt Varnell, in a statement to the parents of the school’s students that there was a complaint of a student with a pistol on campus on Friday, and that the boy in question admitted to holding the gun and was subsequently detained for his actions.

Varnell praised the pupil by saying, “I want to applaud our student for speaking something about the gun.” “It is vital that you communicate what you observe when you come across something. Our number one concern is to ensure that all of our employees and students can get to where they need to go safely.”

The Arlington Police Department has issued a statement to alert local residents of the serious nature of the offense of bringing a firearm onto school property.

The department issued a statement to the public that read, “We would want to remind the public that it is illegal to bring a gun into a school — and that there are very significant penalties for doing so.” “We also encourage parents and guardians who possess firearms to properly protect their firearms in their homes so that children do not have easy access to them. This is to prevent children from accidentally shooting themselves or others. We strongly advise making use of a gun safe or gun lock.”

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