Tesla is expected to show off a working prototype of its Optimus humanoid robot at AI Day

This week, Tesla is expected to show off a working prototype of its Optimus humanoid robot at AI Day this Friday in California.

The tech giant plans to sell its “Tesla Bots” to companies looking to mechanize what Elon Musk describes as “dangerous, menial or boring” tasks currently performed by humans. Either to consumers who need help in their homes or are simply too much. lazy to go to the fridge and get a beer.

But one of its key customers will be Tesla itself, which wants to put the bots to work in its own plants.

The Tesla bot was announced at last year’s AI event, albeit only in rendered form with some basic technical specs accompanied by a human wearing a robotic suit.

But this year we hope to see the first working prototype of a piece of hardware that Musk thinks could be even more important than the firm’s auto business. Previously released specifications for the robot indicate that it will have a human form, be 1.75m tall, weigh 57kg and be able to carry 20.4kg in its hands.

In a recent job posting for programmers on its official website, Tesla wrote that it plans to use “thousands of humanoid robots in our factories.”

Replacing human employees with robots that don’t need lunch breaks, vacations, monthly salaries, pension contributions, health packages and never get sick or late will be attractive to many manufacturing businesses, but some tech industry experts have played it down their enthusiasm. They doubted exactly how effective the robots would be and cited Musk’s unrivaled track record of delivering on incredible technological promises like the Hyperloop and Cybertruck.

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