Teenager claims that Elon Musk offered him $5,000 last year to deactivate his Twitter account and stop following his private jet

American Jack Sweeney (19) created a Twitter account on Elon Musk’s Jet, where you can see where everything is going on the private plane of the owner of Tesla, using bots that monitor publicly available data on air traffic, reports “Protocol”. He currently has over 97,000 followers.

He posted on his profile part of the conversation with Musk, with whom he talked last fall.

“I do not like the idea of ​​being shot by a lunatic,” Musk said in the message, offering $ 5,000 to Sweeney to deactivate the account.

He recently said that the social media profiles that follow his movement “are becoming a security issue”.

“Is there a chance it could rise to $ 50,000?” “It would help me with college and maybe it would allow me to buy a car, maybe even a Model 3,” Sweeney asked.

The last conversation between Musk and Sweeney took place a week ago, after Sweeney told him that he would delete his profile without money if Musk gave him an internship at his company. The teenager says Musk has not read the message yet.

Sweeney explained to Musk how he managed to find publicly available information about his private jet to create an algorithm that automatically posts the status of Musk’s flights on Twitter. Although the status of Musk’s flights is public information, only those who are familiar with the industry know where to find them.

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