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Teenage victim’s family delivered bloody ‘street justice’ after confrontation with her alleged rapist

The shocking incident in Detroit shows us all what happens when the government refuses to fight crime and criminals are allowed to run amok.

Friday local shop WJBK reported the story of a man who raped a teenage girl and was then harassed and beaten by his family in retaliation.

Carmen Witherspoon, one of the family’s neighbors, said she heard a noise and saw a bloody clash in front of her house.

“They really beat him up there,” she said. “He was on the ground. He managed to get up, he ran across the street and ended up on my territory. He fell, slipped and fell. And then they beat him some more.”

Other witnesses have detailed the astounding brutality. One said that “He was covered in blood, nothing but blood, there was a puddle on the ground.”

Marc D’Andre, founder of 7 Mile Radio News, said: “From what I heard, they trampled on his upper lip. His mouth looked very bloody, like he was in an MMA fight,” WJBK reports.

“I’m not mad at how it happened.”

The suspect was later arrested by police. According to neighbors, the suspect who committed the rape knew the victim.

The suspect is also currently charged with non-fatal shooting.

Will there be more lynching when the courts fail?

Detroit Police Captain Rebecca Hall described the whole situation as “absolutely tragic…It affects young life, family, and it will definitely take time to heal.”

Again and again, Americans have seen cases of criminals being released from prison on bail pending trial commit other crimes once they are released.

In addition, there is the fact that the criminal justice system in this country is experiencing enormous difficulties. We are going through massive wave of crime in this country and the authorities are doing very little to stop it.

Instead, America is subjected to the leftist mantras about “stop funding the police”, leaving police departments and the criminal justice system without resources and failing to bring perpetrators to justice.

When this happens, people will start to pass the law into your own hands because they feel they have to protect themselves and their families if the authorities don’t.

This family in Detroit should never have resorted to such extreme measures in self-defense. In a system where the criminal justice system works properly, this person would be in jail awaiting trial for a violent crime.

Instead, due to the flaws in the system, they were forced to take matters into their own hands, and the result was truly horrifying. If we don’t want to see similar clashes in the future, then it’s time for the government to really enforce the law.

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