Teen who felt tired going back to school after holidays rocked by sad diagnosis

A uncommon form of cancer of the blood has been identified in a young man who complained of feeling weary after returning to school after having a busy summer vacation.

However, when the 16-year-old boy stopped playing the sport he loved and acquired a sore throat, Jacob Crane’s parents became concerned. They felt that he had just been “burning the candle at both ends” throughout the break.

According to Mr. Crane, “I put it down to the fact that he had been up and burning the candle at both ends throughout the school vacations and that his body clock was getting back to getting into school.” [Crane] I left him to sleep. The 11th of September was his 16th birthday, and he celebrated by playing rugby, despite the fact that he wasn’t feeling well.

“The following week, he complained of pain in his throat, so we took him to the doctor on the Wednesday, and they wanted to perform some additional examinations. We were informed over the phone that they had discovered abnormalities in his blood, and as a result, we were transported to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

There, Jacob was given the news that he had myeloid leukemia, which is a form of cancer that affects the myeloid line of blood cells.

Mr. Crane stated the following to Wales Online: “It completely flipped our world upside down.” It is an extremely difficult and upsetting period of time. The first two weeks were the most difficult since it was difficult to communicate with anyone other than through texting, you couldn’t hold a conversation, and it was so heartbreaking. Once you made it through those two weeks, you were able to go into survival mode.

“When it comes to that, Jacob has been a leader, and he has been as steadfast as an ox. He is just getting on with things, and we are hopeful that when they look at his bone marrow again before they begin the second round of chemotherapy in the next couple of weeks, they will have some good news for him. He is just getting on with things.

After he completes the intensive treatment that will last for the next six months, they will look into how to fix the issue. Because of the abnormally high number of white blood cells, none of the other components of the blood are able to produce their normal levels of activity. Age is working in his favor in this situation. Being 16 years old is much better for him than being 60. It was completely unexpected and came out of the blue. You simply are unable to wrap your head around it. It’s simply one of those things that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around to this day. The first week or two are the worst because you’re in a state of shock, but now we have to get over that and figure out what we need to do every day to make it through the next six months and hope that everything turns out okay.

It turned our world upside down. It is such an emotional and upsetting time

Stephen Crane, Jacob’s father

Since the diagnosis, Jacob, who is from Swansea in South Wales, has been showered with an incredible amount of support from individuals in his immediate environment.

Eighty of Stephen Crane’s friends set out on foot from Mumbles Pier in the direction of Morriston Rugby Club, which Mr. Crane used to be a member of and captain when he was younger.

In an act of solidarity with Jacob, fifteen of those who took part in the event shaved their heads.

Mr. Crane stated that “all of his pals are amazing,” and that there have been a significant number of people in contact from a variety of football, rugby, and cricket groups. He has received letters of support from a variety of athletes, including the Chelsea Football Club (he is a great supporter of Chelsea), Swansea City (they have been in contact with him), and other teams and athletes.

We held a sponsored walk with the boys, and everyone came together in support of it. It simply goes to show that there is a lot of bad news floating around, but the outpouring of support from the community in response to Jacob’s diagnosis has helped me see that there are still a lot of wonderful people in this world. It blows my mind that folks just wanted to provide a helping hand. Jacob is being cared for at the Teenage Cancer Trust, which has been nothing short of outstanding throughout his treatment. It was a significant burden that I had to travel back and forth from Swansea every day to be with my son, but thanks to the Ronald McDonald House charity, which operates a hotel on the hospital campus, I am now able to stay there pretty much for free just so I can be with him at all times. This has alleviated a lot of stress, as I am now only a phone call away from being with him across the street in the event that he needs me. I’d want to offer a heartfelt appreciation to each of them for their assistance.

On Saturday, November 12, Vardre RFC under 16s will present the ‘Bald for Bucks’ event in support of Jacob, where they will take on Llangwym under 16s from 2pm, followed by a sponsored headshave, raffle, auction and live music. If you would like to contribute towards Jacob’s GoFundMe page, you can do so by clicking here.

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