“TAX US NOW” Hundreds of millionaires open letter to governments

More than 100 millionaires from around the world, members of the Millionaire Patriots, Millionaires for Humanity and Tax Me Now groups, have sent an open letter urging governments to tax them.

“Tax us rich people now,” they wrote in the letter, Oxfam reports.

The appeal was made on the occasion of the series of lectures “Davos Agenda” at the World Economic Forum. According to Oxfam, a property tax on the richest would help reduce inequalities and growing social disparities, as well as funding the health care system and education.

The letter sent by the millionaires states that the world has suffered a lot in the past two years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, that the richest have become even richer, and only a small part of them pay the appropriate tax. Among the signatories of the letter, among others, is the American film producer Abigail Disney.

In a previous study, Oxfam concluded that the millionaire’s property tax at just two percent a year and five percent for billionaires would bring in $ 2.52 trillion a year globally.

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