Taste of Omaha relocates to Ralston in 2023.

The Taste of Omaha, a highly anticipated food event, is making headlines as it announces news of its relocation this year. Held annually in Nebraska, this upcoming year’s festivities will now occur at the parking lot of Liberty First Credit Union Arena in Ralston, while an additional event center, The Granary, will house the other half of the event a short distance away.

While the announcement has raised eyebrows among some attendees, organizers have expressed enthusiasm for the new venue. To accommodate the distance between the venues, a shuttle service will connect the two locations, ensuring that attendees can effortlessly move between areas.

Starting June 2nd and running through the 4th, this year’s Taste of Omaha promises to be a momentous event for locals and tourists alike. With live musical entertainment and a variety of performances, attendees can expect to have their taste buds tantalized with an array of delicious foods, drinks and more.

Despite the positives, it should be noted that there was a slight complication. Local authorities gave instructions not to provide the event with an liquor license for their event at Elmwood Park. Community members who reside around the park have long complained of the disruption and damage that results from hosting the event in the area.

It is no secret that event organizers had originally intended to host the event at Heartland of American Park, but due to ongoing construction, those plans backed awy. Subsequently, the event location had to be temporarily situated at the historic Elmwood Park. The park is currently under renovation in the Riverfront area, a location that was expected to house the event this year. However, progress is slow, and it is uncertain whether the area will be ready in time.

As the preparations continue for the highly-anticipated event, local news media plans to share additional information about the event at the upcoming newscasts on Monday.

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