Target shoppers as employees pick up items they dropped when they ran away from the shooter

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — The day after they fled the shooter inside a Target near 178th and Center Streets Tuesday, some shoppers and employees returned to the scene to collect items they left behind during the escape.

Some of them, without car keys, were picked up by the family on Tuesday, unable to pick them up from the scene of the investigation.

Those who left things at Target had the opportunity to pick them up within two hours on Wednesday afternoon.

One employee came with her mother, who said she was considering hiring a psychologist for her daughter after a traumatic event.

Others, understandably, were not interested in sharing their story with the media.

For those who did, they talked about the fear they felt as they fled, but made sure to mention the police, strangers, and friends who helped.

Will Fry came to pick up a bag left behind by his wife, who is 29 weeks pregnant, and their young son.

He thanked random strangers who, filling up at a gas station across the street, jumped into action when they saw people running from Target’s back doors. They picked up his wife and son and took him to a safe place. He believes the strangers worked for White Horse Utilities.

Julie Richard from Elkhorn came to return the red purse containing her keys.

On Tuesday, she told her children what had happened.

“We just said something happened at Target today and mom is fine,” she said. “We really praised the police for how quickly they respond. (Children) all said, “Oh, we do these exercises at school. And they knew all about what to do. It’s sad and amazing at the same time.”

For one five-year-old Target employee, Jesse Wiese, Tuesday was his last day. He is deaf and forgot his hearing aid, so friend and colleague Dallas grabbed him and “pulled him out.”

He left his coat and car keys and picked them up on Wednesday.

“Today everything is in order,” said Eden Twyford, who spoke on behalf of Wiese at the signing of the contract. “Not as bad as yesterday. (I hope my friends and colleagues) are doing well and are safe at home too.”


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