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Table Tennis Club Creighton Prep has grown significantly, players are looking for competitors

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Many call it ping pong, but for serious players, the correct term for the competition is table tennis.

Creighton Prep’s table tennis team has grown rapidly and they hope to compete.

It is much more than just hitting the ball back and forth. It takes skill, focus and a lot of practice. And that’s why the Creighton Prep program has grown over her two years on campus.

“During COVID, we were trying to find an activity for the boys that would keep them active and engaged, and ping pong just seemed to fit and our ping pong club just exploded,” said trainer and teacher Kelly Barth.

The club now has 200 members, which is 20% of the school’s population.

The school’s very best players, such as Attila Čordas, have come together to form a competitive team.

“It’s different from other sports because you have to focus on what you’re doing. It’s a lot of individual small movements, and they are very precise,” Chordash said.

And now they hope that more children will take up the paddle.

“We have been working really hard by getting in touch with other high schools to create competition to generate interest in competing with us. We are open to everyone and everyone. We’ll play college teams or clubs, we’ll play any individual or high school team.”

“It’s more of a universal sport for all ages, rather than something exclusive to high school.”

Coach Bart says he’s proud of the community they’ve built and wants to see it grow.

“They really thrive here, they really have found a home here. Seeing it and seeing it grow for them is amazing.”

Bart says the goal will be to one day start his own league.

If you think your school might be interested in starting a table tennis team, you can contact the Creighton Prep team.

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