“Suspicion”: Israeli TV drama with English adaptation starring Uma Thurman first trailer released on Apple TV

The streaming service Apple TV + has released the first trailer for the new series “Suspicion”. It is an English adaptation of an Israeli TV drama, and the main role is played by the famous Hollywood actress Uma Thurman.

We see Uma as Catherine Newman, an American woman whose son has been abducted by four masked men. The suspicion falls on four Britons who are in the same hotel where their son was abducted, at the time of the crime. It is about two men and two women for whom there is no evidence that they know each other from before.

They must prove their innocence before the British and American investigators, but also to the public, which already considers them kidnappers. Things get even more complicated when the defendants become paranoid and start to doubt each other.

The first two episodes of the series will be available on Apple TV + from February 4, after which the remaining episodes will premiere every Friday.

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