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Suspect arrested after allegedly escaping Omaha police by crashing into house

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Police make an arrest after an intense chase with a stolen vehicle.

It all started with the interstate system through Council Bluffs.

“We had a car that was chasing one of our detectives and the road was raging with him,” the officer said.

Police chased the white car into Council Bluffs, where Omaha police recorded the scene heading to the airport.

“He ran a red light on H & Abbott Avenue northbound after picking up speed a bit,” the officer said at the time of the incident.

As the suspect approached the airport, his reckless driving intensified.

“I’m still driving in the wrong direction, the cars are gone.”

“He’s going the wrong way, heading south on the north lanes, in front of Eppley’s garage.”

However, the officers on the ground were ready.

“Pushed the stop sticks, pushed the stop sticks, he had a flat rear tire.”

But then a police helicopter lost sight of him outside the Hampton Inn.

“A white van pulls out of there. it’s coming out to Abbott now. now it’s kind of evasive driving i think he is for real, yeah let’s make this white van. I think he might have stolen that white van.

The police determined that no one else was in the van. The police helicopter continued to pursue him from the Eppley airfield through the center of the city.

“Clash on 10th and Farnham. Still in the south.

He was driving at high speed south of the Old Market, approaching the Omaha Zoo.

“There is a red light, and just confirmed due to a near miss, 13th South at Bob Gibson.”

While the police on the ground remained behind, a police helicopter tracked the van across south Omaha. He exited onto the Kennedy Highway and headed north before crossing Interstate 80. The driver then turned onto the 72nd Street exit.

“Near Grover and 72nd Street, Grover and 72nd Street.”

That’s when the driver headed towards Ontario Street and caused damage. Police said the suspect was driving a stolen white van through Ontario and drove right into the side of a house. Neighbors told 6 News they heard a pop and saw the driver get out of the van.

“The driver got out, he runs to Burger King. I think he’s trying to steal another car. He is here. The back seat of this car.

The police then managed just in time to arrest the driver and they confirmed that no one was hurt in the incident. The identity of the detainee has not yet been released.

This is an evolving story. Stay with 6 News for updates.

Managing Editor Kevin Westhues contributed to this story.

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