Survey shows that most people maintain unhealthy habits in the office; health expert shares tips how to improve your daily habits and eat healthy

A typical day at the office – you rush to work, forgetting about breakfast, by noon you’ve already had several coffees, and as soon as it’s time for a break – a cappuccino or something else.

When it’s time for lunch, eat something without thinking about it. In the afternoon you feel tired and eat something again. This is a stark picture of life where you become a tired and sick person and maybe fat. One way to improve your diet is not to skip breakfast.

Everyone has heard of it, but it’s good to actually do it. If you’re not hungry when you wake up or don’t have time, make yourself breakfast at the office. Many of the offices have a refrigerator and microwave that you can use for breakfast. Make it a habit to eat a few fruits a day, but be careful that some of them contain high levels of sugar. Keep them on your desk and eat them for the rest of the day.

This will greatly improve your diet and your health and you will refrain from eating something harmful. Get out of the office – don’t spend all day there. Plan your walk during your lunch break to walk, breathe air and find time for lunch. If you plan ahead, you won’t be surprised by unplanned events during the break. Complete your inventory at work. Most people eat what is in front of them.

If you care about healthy choices, you will eat the real thing. You can store packets of nuts, cereal fruits or crackers. If there is a fridge in the office, you can take yogurt or meat. You will have enough products to make breakfast and even lunch.

Swap coffee for tea.

Although coffee has its positive aspects, many people abuse it during working hours and feel tired at the end of the day, not suspecting that the reason for this may be in coffee. Learn how to replace coffee with green or herbal lemon tea and you’ll feel better. So you will be charged with energy, and you will have enough fluids. Keep in mind that, although it is a hot drink, tea is very well drunk on hot summer days.

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