Survey: Americans want a good salary, and the French an interesting job

What do workers really want at work? The answer depends in part on where they come from, according to a Bain & Co. global survey.

Americans and Japanese are looking for a good salary and benefits, while earnings are less important for the French, who want an interesting job. Brazilian and Nigerian workers are looking for learning opportunities, while those in Indonesia value a good relationship with co-workers.

Chinese job seekers are looking for a company that inspires them, and Germans long for job security. The data, collected from 20,000 workers in 10 countries, comes at a time when Americans are leaving their jobs in record numbers, and employers around the world are battling a pandemic and its aftermath.

“Companies that do not learn the ‘new rules’ in the labor market could face employee departures, a collapse of corporate culture and lost opportunities, so it is more important than ever to be careful about what workers want,” he said. company, Andrew Schwedel.

He also says it is impressive to see the different needs, desires and motivations of workers.

– We must avoid big generalizations about what the workers want, it is less about one size that suits everyone. “People want more than the work they do, not just high wages,” he said.

Still, money remains the leading motivation for workers in the United States and most other countries, according to this global survey, which also found that more than half of all workers now question the work-life balance.

Namely, more than 25 percent of workers in America changed their company in the first year of the pandemic, and most were employed in retail, manufacturing and health care.

We remind you that Generation Z also has its “special requirements”, and for them, for example, the salary is a very important item, while the benefits are in second place.

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