Surrounded by her family and friends, Nebraska woman on Monday celebrated 105 years of life

LINCOLN, Nebraska – A Lincoln woman recently celebrated a milestone birthday. On Monday, Norma Jones celebrated her 105th birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Norma Jones spent her entire life as a cook and caterer, preparing each dish from scratch. She was able to celebrate her birthday by eating chocolate cake, reading cards from her Ambassador Retirement Community friends, and listening to a quartet perform.

People may speculate, What is her secret?

“You’d have to guess at it, I guess,” said Norma.

Norma, who was born in 1917, has lived through a great deal of history, but there are many small things that are always new. As when she began utilizing a microwave three years ago.

“She’s never used a credit card, never used a computer, doesn’t have a cellphone. Not too many years ago, she just started using a microwave,” said Judy Weber, Norma’s Daughter.

Her children stated that they, too, had feelings about this birthdate.

“It makes me feel old,” said John Jones, Norma’s son.

But primarily, it is gratitude.

“It’s a blessing,” Judy said. “God blessed us all. It’s fantastic that she’s lived so long and she’s still here.”

Originally, we wrote on Norma’s 103rd birthday celebration during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Her loved ones gathered on the front lawn and serenaded her with songs. Her family expressed delight at being able to celebrate with her in person. Elvis lookalike, her favorite singer, was the only thing missing.

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