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Surplus body armor once worn by Omaha metro area officers has been collected and given to the Ukrainian fighters

OMAHA, Nebraska – Not only do Ukrainian combatants benefit from additional security from military aid, but they also receive enhanced safety from law enforcement right in the country’s core.

An organization that is helping the war effort has been given surplus body armor that was formerly used by police officers in the metropolitan region.

From the garage of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, around three hundred bulletproof vests are being loaded for transport. In addition, approximately one hundred and twenty helmets that have been retired and will be replaced will be sent to Ukraine.

This is a ballistic helmet, and our SWAT squad puts these on before going into potentially dangerous circumstances. The helmet is in perfect condition other than the fact that its use-by date has long since gone. According to Wayne Hudson, the chief deputy sheriff, the integrity of the helmet has not been compromised in any other way, and it is still capable of stopping a bullet.

Two ballistic shields, which were utilized by members of a SWAT squad when they confronted an armed suspect, are among the surplus equipment that is currently being shipped to Ukraine. The shipment will be supplemented with boots, uniforms, and tourniquets, all of which have been generously given by local law enforcement organizations and the state patrol.

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