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Sunday morning gas station incident in Lincoln, an intoxicated Nebraska couple arrested, police

Lincoln, Nebraska – Intoxicated couple almost completely destroyed a Lincoln gas station store in an incident that took place in the morning hours on Sunday around 7 a.m., the local authorities confirmed.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, the suspect Joshua Smallfoot threw the cash register on the ground, destroyed a lottery machine and broke several shelving units, which included destroying the items on the shelves at the Kwik Shop gas station store located off 14th and Adams Streets.

The police said that the suspect, who was later discovered to be intoxicated, started the incident once he was told to leave the store and the gas station because he was not wearing a shirt.

While Smallfoot was still in the store, his boyfriend, identified by the authorities as Dmarkaus Anderson, went inside and punched Smallfoot in the face twice, then grabbed Smallfoot’s head and slammed it into a cooler door 11 times.

Smallfoot lost consciousness for a while, but few minutes later he woke up and continued destroying the store.

Once the local police arrived at the scene, both were arrested. Since Smallfoot suffered injures in the incident, he was transferred to a local hospital for treatment. Doctors in hospital discovered that he has been intoxicated at the time of the incident.

As a result of the damages done to the store, the store had to be closed at least for a day until the damages are fixed. The estimated damage is around $7,000.

Smallfoot is facing criminal mischief over $5,000 charges and Anderson is facing 3rd degree domestic assault charges.

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