Summerville Sweet Tea Festival great opportunity for local businesses to show what they have to offer

SUMMERVILLE, South Carolina – The Summerville Sweet Tea Festival has been going strong for almost twelve years now, and this past Saturday honored the occasion. The festival celebrates local small businesses in addition to the refreshing beverage.

Attendees of the event had the chance to stop in at a wide variety of shops and establishments located on both sides of Main Street throughout the course of the day. In addition to people selling arts and crafts, food, beverages, and clothing, there was also a competition for making sweet tea and live music.

According to Steven Doniger, the Executive Director of the Summerville Dream, who also assisted in the planning of the event, the festival highlights downtown as the hub for entertainment and small businesses in the community.

Doniger remarked that the event’s financial planning was “out of this world.” “Every year, we have people walking into shops, restaurants, and bars, which gives all of our smaller companies, who are our vendors, amazing days,” the organizers of the event explained. Therefore, this is a terrific spot for all of our small businesses to take advantage of that rising tidal moment.

The sweet tea competition is the centerpiece of the festival. During this portion of the event, attendees are urged to stroll around and sample as many different kinds of sweet tea as they can before casting their vote for their favorite. During the course of the competition, the vendors drink between fifty and sixty gallons of sweet tea.

Bits N Bytes, a food truck that previously took first place in the competition, has been a vendor at the festival all three years it has been held. Anthony Leonard, the proprietor, stated that each year grows better and better.

Leonard stated that “much like the municipality of Summerville says, every year it’s more and more individuals looking to come.” “They are interested in gaining knowledge about it while also attempting to have some fun. Are you having a good time on a Saturday? That is unrivaled in its category.”

The planning for the festival begins a year in advance, but Doniger noted that despite the hard work, it is wonderful to take a moment to look back and watch the huge crowds and cheering neighbors coming out. This is because the planning for the festival begins a year in advance.

Doniger stated that “We celebrate our amazing community, celebrate our heritage, and celebrate our past.” The fact that it is a pleasant event is another reason why people truly enjoy it. We always say, keep it sweet, keep it local, keep it downtown, keep it lovely, keep it Summerville.”

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