Subway visitor rushed to hospital minutes after biting into sandwich

A Subway customer says she was rushed to the hospital minutes after taking a bite of the sandwich, saying she had an allergic reaction to it.

Kira Gleed claims that seven minutes after eating her sub at a fast food chain store, she began to notice a “tingle” in her throat. She claims that after a few minutes her whole body began to swell and she developed a bright red rash.

A 24-year-old woman who has a severe dairy, wheat and nut intolerance told Edinburgh Live that the reaction was “one of the worst” she has ever experienced.

Subway confirmed to Edinburg Live that they were investigating the incident.

A customer who dined in Edinburgh claims she checked the company’s allergen guide, left a note on the Just Eat delivery app, and tried several times to make sure her order didn’t contain ingredients she could react to. After Kira was taken to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary and suffered an anaphylactic reaction, she is now looking for answers to why this happened. She also hopes to spread the word so others know the importance of food safety.

Sharing her experiences, Kira from Midlothian, Scotland said: “I am severely allergic to all kinds of dairy products and lactose, as well as wheat, shellfish, nuts and oats among others. food that my family and I buy and the food is rarely actually delivered. I ordered a Subway from a Biggar Road store near me just for a quick bite to eat before work but it has turned into something more.

“I always write in the notes what I’m allergic to because I know they’ll see it. In addition to leaving a note, I looked up an online allergen guide to make sure that what I ordered didn’t contain anything I’m intolerant to. and I also tried to call the store six times but no one answered.

“I took a few bites and noticed that my throat started to tingle and then it started to swell. I couldn’t swallow properly and my airways were blocked. My gums started to swell as well as my lips. Most of the reactions I had were just nauseous, so that was definitely one of the worst.”

A few minutes later, without even finishing her sandwich, Kira realized that she was in trouble and began to panic. After calling an ambulance, she was taken to the Royal Infirmary. In the pictures that Kira took a few hours later, it can be seen that her entire body is covered with a red bumpy rash.

She continued, “My mom told me to call 911 and get my EpiPen, but using it on my own is scary. The paramedics gave me a stronger version and it worked. Luckily they arrived very quickly after I called them. a few hours until my friends came, but during this time my skin continued to swell and I was covered in spots from head to toe. I was hospitalized around 3pm and didn’t go out until 9pm.

“I went to work the next day, but only lasted three hours because I was very tired and still not feeling my best.”

Kira’s mum Julia said that most of her daughter’s food is prepared at home, and they are both very wary of what they buy in stores. Julia said: “When Kira has this reaction, she becomes absolutely exhausted. She has been allergic since birth and most of her food is home cooked. It’s very rare that she orders takeaway food from anywhere, and that’s only after I checked the allergen information. As her mom and having lived with her all her life, there was nothing she could do to make sure she was safe, and I just glad she called 911 when she did.

“She was very upset when she called me. It was a parent’s worst nightmare knowing that it was out of my hands. I relied on her being conscious enough to call 999 and then the poor NHS would need an ambulance. Luckily, they gave her a stronger adrenaline rush when they got her, which stabilized her.”

Kira added that her partner spoke to a Subway manager and was told they would go to the store to investigate. Kira also kept a half-eaten sub in the freezer in case the company needed a sample to verify what was in it.

A Subway spokesperson said: “The safety of our guests is of paramount importance to Subway. We have very strict procedures in place to ensure that Subway restaurants serve food safely and to the satisfaction of our customers.

“All Subway restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees. The franchisee is already in direct contact with the client and Just Eat to fully investigate the matter and make sure we have all the facts and that the correct procedures have been followed.”

A spokesperson for Just Eat said: At Just Eat, we take allergens seriously. We want our customers to have a positive experience when ordering food from partners on our platform, and we are sorry to hear that in this case the customer experience did not meet the expected standards. We are currently investigating this with the restaurant partner involved and also contacting the customer.”

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