State Senator Jacobson to introduce a bill to help disabled people with insurance

NORTH PATTE, Neb. (Nebraska) — One of dozens of bills introduced by state Sen. Mike Jacobson will be heard Tuesday in the Nebraska Legislature’s Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee. LB32 was cited on Jan. 9 after being introduced on Jan. 5.

Jacobson said the bill requires insurers offering Medicare supplement plans, particularly Medigap, to include people who became disabled before age 65 and those who have advanced-stage kidney disease in their coverage.

Jacobson added that the inspiration behind this bill came last summer when he met with an intended constituent while campaigning.

“He and his wife had to move from Nebraska to North Dakota to get coverage,” Jacobson said. “My concern is when someone has worked all their life and they are two or three years away from retirement and they suddenly come across something so catastrophic. Something that would be covered by Medicare, but if they don’t have coverage they’re in a situation where all of a sudden what they’ve saved up for retirement is burned, thanks to issues like these.

Senator Jacobson said many of the states surrounding Nebraska have measures and coverages similar to the ones he is trying to put in place here at Goodlife.

LB32 will be heard Tuesday morning at the Nebraska State Capitol in room 1507.

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