Stallone on the divorce: We didn’t split up because of the dog, or because of the property

In his response to his wife Jennifer Flavin’s petition for divorce, actor Sylvester Stallone denied the rumors that the couple’s dog was to blame for the breakup of their marriage. Jennifer Flavin’s petition for divorce was submitted on April 15.

Stallone’s legal team maintained that the actor did not participate in purposeful wasting, depletion, or destruction of marital property that had a detrimental economic effect on the marital property. In other words, they claimed that Stallone did not intentionally waste, deplete, or destroy the property.

Also disagreed with Jennifer’s demand that their Pal Beach mansion be used by no one but her alone. Her choice to revert back to her maiden name was met with no opposition from him.

Following Flavin’s filing for divorce, rumors began to circulate that the couple’s Rottweiler was to blame. Jennifer was against the idea of getting a new puppy since she felt it would be a burden on the family. However, Sylvester was adamant about getting one. According to the sources, this is how they got into a fight, which then escalated into a more heated disagreement, which in turn brought many more issues to light.

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