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Stabbing incident Saturday evening at Omaha gas station results with one person injured, police

Omaha, NE – One person went by himself to hospital asking to be treated after he suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a stabbing incident at an Omaha gas station Saturday evening.

According to the incident report, the stabbing incident took place at a gas station near South 40th and Dodge in the evening hours on Saturday.

The victim, who went in hospital by himself, told the authorities that while he was at the gas station with his vehicle a man reportedly tried to get into the vehicle. After the victim refused several times to pick the man up, the suspect took out a knife and cut the victim. The suspect fled the scene immediately.

Luckily, the victim suffered only minor, non-life-threatening injuries and was able to drive himself to Nebraska Medical Center for treatment.

The officers responded at the hospital after the hospital workers reported the incident to the police.

As of writing of the story, the suspect is still on large and local police is asking the community for help in identifying and locating the suspect.

The case is under investigation.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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