South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce data shows that unemployment rate dropped again in August

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – The most recent information available from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce reveals that the state’s unemployment rate went down in August, but so did the number of persons who were actively looking for work in the state.

According to the data, the unemployment rate in our state fell from 3.2 percent to 3.1 percent last month, and there were approximately 74,500 people who were unemployed, which is approximately 18,000 fewer people than there were in August 2022.

This comes as a result of around 5,000 persons withdrawing from the work field.

Dan Ellzey, the executive director of the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, stated that despite the fact that the numbers have a tendency to change from month to month, South Carolina is continuing to experience record employment levels this year. There have been firm closures and temporary layoffs at some companies as a direct result of a lack of available components and supplies.

According to the department’s findings, both the leisure and hospitality business as well as the construction industry experienced a dip during the previous month.

According to Ellzey, “what makes this moment special is the quantity of options and opportunities that are available for people who are looking for work.” More than 100,000 jobs are currently available across the state, and there are also opportunities for people to receive training and development to assist them acquire new skills for employment.

According to Ellzey, multiple industries are exhibiting robust growth this year. One of these industries is the hospitality and food services industry, which has increased by about 15,000 people. Other businesses, such as retail trade and the government sector, have grown by approximately 8,000 individuals.

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