Some of the best Android features Apple users desperately want

The user experience gap between iOS and Android devices has dramatically closed over the last few years. Therefore, whether you choose an iPhone or an Android, it’s pretty difficult to make a mistake when purchasing for a smartphone today. The majority of functions that are currently available on iPhone devices are also readily available on Android devices, and vice versa.

Between these two platforms, there are still a few tiny variances. New iPhone owners were questioned about if they regretted switching from an Android cellphone in an interesting Reddit forum post. Although the majority of consumers were happy with their new iPhone, they did identify a number of minor to necessary functions that they thought the iPhone lacked.

Internet Assistant

Google Assistant is mentioned in each comment that has received the most votes. This feature, which leverages artificial intelligence to enable incredibly cool user interactions, has been available on Android devices since 2017. For instance, you can ask Google Assistant to display images from your vacation to Greece in 2021 by saying, “Show me photos from my trip to Greece.” You must, of course, speak in English.

While the iOS Photos app offers comparable capability, the procedure is a little more challenging than what Google Assistant offers. If you’re comparing Google Assistant to Siri, Google is the undisputed winner.

There is nothing new about Siri’s flaws. Although Apple was the first to introduce its own personal assistant to consumers more than ten years ago, its utility now significantly trails that of other AI helpers.

The Back key

The back button on all Android devices is another feature that customers miss. There is no all-purpose recovery solution for the iPhone. Additionally, some new iPhone users find it annoying.

Improved notifications

According to several people, Android manages notifications better than the competing side. This is not shocking given how inadequate iOS device notifications have always been. Apple has, if anything, been toying with iPhone notifications for a very long time, continually attempting to create a solution that is both workable and inconspicuous.

At the WWDC event a few weeks ago, Apple debuted iOS 16 with updated notifications. Users will now be able to view notifications on the lock screen in a variety of ways thanks to the new notification system. Stack view, concealed view, and extended list view are some of these possibilities. Additionally, in iOS 16, alerts now show up at the bottom of the screen.

Improved keyboard

The Android keyboard is yet another feature that new iPhone users miss out on. Despite the strength of the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, former Android users found it to be very lacking. Even while Google Keyboard is compatible with the iPhone, it is not the same keyboard that we can access on Android handsets.

Other things that users would like to see on the iPhone
The way Android manages photographs is another element that has been brought up in the thread. Particularly, some customers don’t understand why the iPhone uploads new photographs to the Photos app’s bottom section.

Another user expressed his annoyance at not being able to customize the loudness for various notifications. For instance, it would be wonderful to have a loud ringtone for incoming calls and a muted sound for texts.

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