Snow doesn’t stop Shelton fans from gathering at PBA

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Nearly a foot of snow fell around Lincoln overnight Wednesday and Thursday, causing school to be canceled and some drivers stranded. But all that didn’t stop country fans from enjoying themselves, as Blake Shelton’s concert took place in the capital on Thursday night.

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear him sing,” said Patti Engdahl, who attended the concert.

Between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm, thousands of people came to watch the concert, and it definitely wasn’t Some Beach. Spectators crunched grains of salt, not sand.

“We were driving a truck, so I think that helps a little,” said Maisie Kelly, a concert goer.

Some came from Omaha like Teresa Quinn.

“We got quite a lot of snow so we wondered if we could make it in time, but luckily it came early enough and we were able to drive on pretty clean roads,” Quin said.

On Thursday morning, Lincoln received more snow than the star city had seen in two years, putting the cars to the test.

“Our little Nissan has all-wheel drive,” said Tony Cruz, who was on his way to the concert. “So we just drove down O Street and drove over here, turned on the four-wheel drive because I have to get here to see Blake.”

Some concert goers said there were a few close calls along the way, and it’s not a trip they’ll soon forget.

“We had terrible moments when the old wife was driving too fast through me, lagging behind two people,” said Nikolai Knezovich. “But we are doing well. We made it in one piece. And we’re ready to see Blake Shelton.”

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