Smell? Seven warning signs that can help spot ‘hard-to-find’ bed bugs

Bed bugs are not the type to make a grand entrance. Gradually taking over your bedroom, the tiny insects love to play hide-and-seek, making them “difficult to spot”. Luckily, experts have shared seven warning signs that can spot intruders.

Working nine to five, managing household chores, and trying to maintain your social life, your bedroom is the only place where you can finally relax.

This safe haven allows you to unwind at the end of a very long day, and you definitely don’t need unwanted guests to keep you company.

However, bed bugs are common household pests in the UK.

“Not to mention, they can be quite difficult to spot, making them more of a nuisance in your home and therefore harder to get rid of,” Bed Kingdom experts say.

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Bed bugs: signs that you have been bitten – what to look for on the skin

Bed bugs are tiny insects whose adult length reaches 5 mm. Skillfully hiding in dark crevices, they are often overlooked by most people, but there are certain signs that they are there. What skin symptoms may indicate an infection?

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Luckily, seven warning signs can help you spot annoying visitors.

Unusual smell

If you’ve been picking up a new “weird” smell as you enter your bedroom lately, despite no clear reason for that musty smell, it could mean you’ve got bed bugs.

Experts say: “When bed bugs feel threatened, they emit so-called alarm pheromones, which have a faint smell of raspberries, cilantro or almonds, and in severe cases of bed bugs, this smell mixes with the smell of dead bugs and sheds cell membranes, which creates a rusty smell.” .


Although bed bugs do not want to be seen, they do crawl out at night to give you an unpleasant souvenir – bites.

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Experts said: “If you wake up with red, itchy bites, this could be a sign of bed bugs, as they usually feed on blood during the night.”

“Usually bites appear on the arms, hands and legs and are small clusters of several bites, but they can also appear as single bites.”

blood stains

Once the tiny pest has finished feeding, it fills up with blood, which can leak out if you crush the beetle while you sleep.

“If you notice small blood stains on sheets or clothes… [and] there is no apparent cause for the blood, it is likely that these spots originated from bed bugs, ”the experts said.

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Dark brown marks

In addition to annoying, itchy bites, beggar bugs also leave behind pen-sized feces.

They can appear on your mattresses, sheets, headboards, and even on your walls, leaving behind a faint rusty smell.


The experts said: “Bed bug eggs can be difficult to spot as they are only about one millimeter long, but can be found by looking for anything that looks like small grains of rice in your bed.

“They can be freely glued to different types of surfaces, usually at the seams and joints of a mattress or behind a headboard.”


Bed bugs shed several times during their life cycle, leaving behind shells of varying sizes.

“You can spot them by their yellow translucent appearance in the seams, creases and crevices of mattresses, or even other places like cracks in walls and furniture,” the experts said.

Live bed bugs

The most difficult symptom is that bed bugs can be quite difficult to spot with the naked eye as they like to hide. However, you will most likely notice them when the infestation is severe enough.

“Adult bed bugs are approximately four to five millimeters long, while bed bug larvae start at just one millimeter,” the experts added.

If you find a “heavy infestation” of nasty pests, you should contact your pest control council or service to get rid of them.

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