Slight increase in unemployed Nebraskans last month, data provided by the commissioner of labor shows

OMAHA, Nebraska – The initial unemployment data for the month of August in Nebraska were issued by state officials.

The rate currently stands at 2.1% and is up somewhat from the rate in July by.01%.

Since August of last year, there has been an increase of more than 16,000 workers in the state, as reported by the commissioner of labor. The financial sector, along with the mining and construction industries, was the one that experienced the biggest development in the private sector.

According to the publication, Iowa’s unemployment rate rose slightly in August by 0.1%, which is very similar to what happened in the Cornhusker State. According to the additional information included in the release, the reason for the rise in unemployment from 2.5% in July to 2.6% now is because 1,300 Iowa residents have decided to leave the labor in order to attend school.

Late in the month of October, the data for the month of September for Nebraska will be available.

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