Six secrets of pronounced longevity among the Japanese

Research has recently been conducted in Japan to determine the causes of longevity among the Japanese population. The Japanese Ministry of Health, in an estimate issued in September, announced that a record 86,510 people in the country are 100 years old or older, an increase of 6,060 compared to the previous year.

The Okinawa area is called the “blue zone” – where people live for a long time. Living up to 100 years on this island is twice as common as on the other mainland of Japan.

The research identified six reasons.

The first secret to that is to be expected – healthy eating. Dr. Bradley Wilcox, part of the research team, points out that the basis of their diet is plant-based. According to him, the Japanese eat up to a kilogram of vegetables, fruits and legumes a day.

In addition, Okinawans practice what is called “hara hachi bu” – eating until 80 percent of hunger is satisfied.

According to Dr. Wilcox, almost everyone has a positive attitude towards life and what they call “ikigai” – a Japanese term for sense of purpose.

This means that a 102-year-old, for example, finds his purpose in caring for his bulls. Some find purpose in the family, or in religion.

The rest mentally active is the third reason for the long life of the Japanese. There is no word on “retirement” in their dictionary, emphasizes Dr. Wilcox, reminding that it has a positive effect on their overall health.

Socializing is the fourth reason. Citizens of this part of Japan have large families and maintain strong social ties. Socializing is frequent, especially with drinking tea.

Often thinking about established relationships with humans is the fifth reason, while the sixth is expressed spirituality. Spirituality is passed down through the generations among the people of Okinawa.

Other so-called “blue zones” in the world are the city of Nuoro in Sardinia (Italy), Greek Ikaria, Costa Rica Nikoai and Loma Linda in California, USA. In all these parts of the world, people have strong family ties, a diet based on vegetables and fruits, and a healthy and active life.

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