Since the start of the year, increasing number of people have died in traffic incidents compared in Nebraska to the yearly average

20 deaths occurred in traffic accidents on Nebraskan roads in the month of July 2022, according to information gathered by the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

  • 19 deadly crashes resulted in these 20 fatalities.
  • Of the 13 people killed inside of the vehicles, three were wearing seatbelts, two had their seatbelt usage indicated as unknown, and eight were not.
  • 14 of the fatalities occurred in rural areas.
  • Four people died on the interstate, nine people died on other routes, and seven people died on local roads.
  • Riders on motorcycles were four of the fatalities.
  • Pedestrians were killed in three of the accidents.

In the months of January through July 2022, 146 people died on Nebraskan roads.

The same months in 2021 saw 126 fatalities, with 20 of those deaths occurring in crashes.

There were 133 fatalities from January to July of 2020, 131 in 2019 and 126 in 2018.

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