‘Significantly’: A fruit drink that can help lower blood sugar levels in ‘minutes’

Complications of diabetes arise from impaired insulin production, which increases the risk of dangerously high blood sugar levels. Fortunately, type 2 diabetics can manage the threat of high glucose levels by changing their diet. Research shows that fruit drink does this with pleasure.

Whether you’re sipping juice to reach your five-day goal or simply enjoying its fresh taste, choosing a pomegranate flavor has more to offer than a pleasant drink.

Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, pomegranates have promising health benefits that can also be used to make juice.

What’s more, a study published in the journal Current Developments in Nutrition found that a fruit drink can lower blood sugar levels in “minutes.”

The research team studied the effect of one dose of pomegranate juice on blood glucose.

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For this study, the researchers recruited 21 healthy people with a “normal” weight.

These volunteers were randomly assigned either water, pomegranate juice, or a water-based drink that matched the sugar content of pomegranate juice.

After following the drinking regimen, the participants went through a week-long washout period, followed by other drinks they had not previously drank.

The researchers measured fasting blood sugar before and 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 minutes after drinking the fruit drink.

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In case you didn’t know, fasting blood sugar describes the level of glucose after an overnight fast.

The volunteers were then divided into two groups based on fasting serum insulin levels.

While water did not affect blood sugar levels in any of the participants, pomegranate juice had different results.

Those with low fasting serum insulin levels experienced a “significant” drop in blood glucose levels 15 minutes after drinking the drink.

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The researchers concluded that components of pomegranate juice “probably” regulate glucose metabolism in humans.

One of the powerful parts of pomegranate juice that may explain these benefits is its high antioxidant content.

Pomegranates are rich in anthocyanins, the pigments that give the juice its characteristic deep color, and contain antioxidants.

One theory is that antioxidants are able to bind to sugar and prevent the big impact on insulin levels.

Although the mechanisms behind the effect of pomegranate juice on blood sugar levels are not entirely clear, there are other studies that replicate the results of this study.

A study published in the journal Nutrition Research also showed that dark juice was able to lower fasting serum glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes.

What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

The main symptoms of type 2 diabetes don’t necessarily make you feel bad, so being aware of the symptoms is the focus.

According to the NHS, telltale signs to look out for include:

  • Pissing more than usual (especially at night)
  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • I feel very tired
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Itching around the penis or vagina or repeated thrush
  • Cuts or wounds heal slowly
  • Blurred vision.

The Health Service recommends contacting your GP if you are suffering from any of these symptoms or are concerned that you may be at higher risk for a blood sugar condition.

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