Shoppers swear by ‘incredible’ supplement that soothes inflamed skin

Customers are thrilled with the supplement they claim has helped alleviate skin discomfort, and our readers can enjoy an exclusive 50% discount with code EXPRESS50.

AxisBiotix-Ps is a nutritional supplement made from bacteria specifically selected to modulate the immune system to help with skin conditions like psoriasis and customers love the results.

Supplements come in simple daily sachets that are taken once a day and mixed with a glass of water. You can buy them as packages for 28 or 56 days, and there is an option to subscribe at a discount.

Shoppers swear by ‘incredible’ supplement that soothes inflamed skin Partner image


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AxisBiotix-Ps is a dietary supplement made up of a special blend of bacteria that is designed to modulate the immune system to help with conditions like psoriasis.

Use code EXPRESS50 for 50% off

It is specifically formulated to support healthy skin and the intestinal barrier and has been described as “soothing the skin from within”. Buyers swear by it, saying they saw a big difference after using it for a short time.

One buyer wrote: “I have tried all kinds of quirks that promise the world and nothing happens, on the other hand, this is different. I have been using it for 4 days now, my psoriasis on my arm and spots on my face are almost gone!”

The second wrote: “I felt absolutely amazing when I took the sachets. It seemed to lift my spirits and give me a sense of well-being. I have osteoarthritis in my hands that has improved. I don’t have psoriasis, but several people commented on how healthy my skin looks. I will definitely continue to use this wonderful product.”

I can’t help but praise AxisBiotix. It works very well on my husband’s psoriasis, the difference is incredible

A third wrote: “I have been taking this for a few months now. I have suffered from psoriasis for many years. I was introduced to this by a friend who knew how bad mine had become. My bowels feel much better and the redness has subsided. It’s not a quick fix, but I can see things are already improving. I recommend it so much that I start my 5 year old daughter with it. Since she also suffers greatly from psoriasis.

A fourth added: “I cannot praise AxisBiotix enough. It works very well on my husband’s psoriasis. He has it on his legs, arms and chest. He has only been taking it for 3 weeks and the difference is incredible. Everything calms down – no more bleeding due to excessive scratching. These are very early days, but so far so good.”

You can order the AxisBiotix 28-day package for £39.99 directly from their website – our readers can get an exclusive 50% discount with code EXPRESS50.

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