‘She was only 4 pounds’: World’s youngest liver replacement survivor defies all odds

The world’s youngest liver transplant recipient defied the odds after only two weeks to live to become the hospital’s honorary director at age 11. Lottie Brion-Edmond was born seven weeks premature and was diagnosed with neonatal hemochromatosis, a rare liver disease. causes an excess of iron in the body. She had to be rushed to intensive care at Torbay Hospital, Devon following her birth on 6 July 2011.

Lottie’s father Chris Brion-Edmond, 58, and mother Julie, 51, braced themselves for the worst as they were told their daughter had two weeks to live and the average waiting time for a liver donor was three months.

But at just five weeks old and weighing just 4 pounds, Lottie defied the odds of becoming the youngest person to have a successful liver transplant.

Chris from Torquay said: “We are eternally grateful for Lottie’s organ donor. She went from dark to pink after a liver transplant, it was a resounding success.

“No one has ever transplanted someone weighing 4 pounds, but her health is excellent, she has been getting stronger.”

On the day of her operation in August 2011, her brother Daniil signed up for the donor registry.

Tragically, 25-year-old Daniel died three years later after being hit by a car, but saved six lives by donating his organs.

Lottie, who won medals at the organ transplant games, hopes to raise £10,000 to build a monument to organ donors and their families at Torbay Hospital, where she is director emeritus in recognition of her work to raise awareness of organ donation.

Chris said: “We hope this will encourage families to talk about organ donation.”

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