She is evil, she left us when she met Ronaldo, says Georgina Rodriguez’s family

Georgina Rodriguez’s uncle accused her of being an evil person because she left the family after meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, and even her half-sister has no nice words for her

This week on Netflix starts the doc-reality show “I am Georgina”, in which Georgina Rodriguez will tell everything about her dream life with football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yacht vacations, private jet flights and expensive designer clothes, these luxury items today are part of the daily life of this former saleswoman who, as she says in the reality show, knows what it is like to live in poverty, but also what it is like to have everything.

She also points out that she will never forget her family and where she came from after the Portuguese football ace came into her life, but it seems that she has already forgotten.

Georgina’s uncle, Jesus Hernandez, who says he helped raise her when her father ended up in prison, claims she left the family and considers her an evil person.

“Maybe she is ashamed of us and thinks she is better than us, because we do not live in luxury like her. I never asked for anything from her. “He only called us once or twice after I found out he was in a relationship with Ronaldo,” Georgina’s uncle told The Sun.

Her half-sister Patricia Rodriguez does not have the best opinion of her either.

“When my son was celebrating his birthday, I asked her if Cristiano could sign his jersey, and she told me she could not because she did not want to disturb him while he was on holiday,” said Georgina’s midwife.

It was also reported that Georgina’s grandfather died three years ago without even having the opportunity to meet her great-granddaughter Alan Martin.

Georgina did not have an easy childhood. She grew up in Jaka, a city in northeastern Spain. Her mother is Spanish, and she met Georgina’s father when he moved to the country. The day before Georgina’s fifth birthday, her father was arrested for smuggling more than .000 100,000 worth of cocaine from Spain.

Georgina became a ballerina, studied English in London and worked as a nanny in Bristol. She later became a model and returned to Spain where she worked in a Gucci store. Fate one day took Ronaldo to the store, and the rest is history.

In 2017, the couple had a daughter, Alan Martin, who is the footballer’s first biological child, while his other three children were born to surrogate mothers.

Twins are currently waiting, and the news of the pregnancy delighted millions of football fans.

“We are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting twins. “Our hearts are full of love, we can’t wait to meet you,” they wrote next to the photo of them posing in bed with ultrasound photos, a photo they both shared on their Instagram profiles.

Photo: Instagram – Georgina Rodriguez

She earned about 600 euros a month and worked as a nanny: This is not the only reason why Ronaldo’s mother allegedly does not like her daughter-in-law Georgina.

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