She deceived three million followers with a fake influencer life for sheer fame

Song Ji deceived as many as three million followers on social networks and numerous fashion brands, and in fact boasted of counterfeits and the fake luxury life she allegedly led.

Korean influencer Song Ji, also known as Friesia, was one of her country’s biggest stars until a few weeks ago, and then the deception she carefully devised was discovered.

The 25-year-old’s popularity skyrocketed after she appeared on the South Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno”, after which millions of people started following her on social media, admiring her precious and design things, which she bragged about. However, her popularity plummeted as she grew up after it was discovered that the luxury items she was highlighting were in fact fake.

On top of that, Song Ji not only wore fake designer clothes to the show in which he appeared, but also went a step further by recording sponsored posts on Instagram and YouTube, all with fake products. In one video, she boasted of a counterfeit Dior handbag as well as counterfeit perfumes.

While it is not uncommon for influencers to exaggerate their lives, her misrepresentation particularly affected the three million fans who followed her as her entire image was based on wealth and privilege.

Song Yi boasts that he lives in Seoul Forest Trimage, which is known as one of the most desirable residential complexes in the country and a favorite among K-pop idols and celebrities. She also said that she attended one of the best schools in Korea, Hanyang University, which only contributed to her popularity in an education-obsessed country.

But after the scandal broke, fans further investigated and found out that she was visiting a dance studio in Hanyang, while others concluded that her apartment was actually rented and did not belong to her.

“At this rate, all you have to do is delete your Instagram account.” views and earn financial benefit from the lies she told. “It’s a hoax, isn’t it?” Her former followers on social media concluded.

And she announced herself and tried to apologize for all the lies she showed to her followers, but also to the famous brands.

“As a person who dreams of starting his own brand, I will think deeply about everything. “All counterfeit content has been deleted and I apologize to the brands that have been damaged because of me,” Song Ji said.

However, after the apology, the controversy only intensified as more and more design forgeries were exposed.

Meanwhile, she has removed all posts from her social media profiles, except for the handwritten apology on Instagram and the YouTube video, and her dream of starting her own brand seems to have no chance.

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