“Sex and the City”: These are all the good reasons why you should watch the new series season

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Christine Davis and Cynthia Nixon, “And Just That’s” is arguably one of the most talked about series since its December 2021 premiere.

After all, this is the much-anticipated reboot of the cult series “Sex and the City”, especially considering that we last saw the characters in the movie “Sex and the City 2” in 2010.

11 years have passed, so we can expect many changes to happen in the new season. For starters, Kim Cattrall, played by Samantha Jones, has decided not to join the rest of the cast in the new chapter. But that does not mean that things are more boring than before, because new characters have joined the cast since then.

The media cited several reasons why And Just Like That… should be on the list of must-see series this year.

There are many changes – big and small.

One of the inevitable changes regarding the new chapter – the main characters are now in their 50s. While social media users have joked about how old the actresses are and how they are reminded of the Golden Girls, some media outlets believe that a strong team of 50-year-old women as the main protagonists in such a large production is large and encouraging. And of course, it’s good to see more women of all ages posing and celebrating on screen.

The series showed us how her characters accept aging by feeling comfortable with their own choices. Miranda, for example, does not hesitate about her whitening roots even after Charlotte advises her to dye her hair.

The series celebrates family and friendships. Fans of “Sex and the City” will know that the series is not just for fashion. “And so it is” continues to warm hearts with its story that emphasizes the importance of family and friends.

The series now has more diversity. One of the main criticisms of “Sex and the City” is the lack of representation. First of all, it was a series that largely revolved around the lives of four pretty well-situated white women living in America.

“And Simply So…”, however, has a more diverse cast consisting of Sara Ramirez (Che Diaz), Sarita Chadhari (Sema Patel), Karen Pittman (Dr. Nia Wallace) among others.

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