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Several Omaha non-profit organizations teamed up on Tuesday and donated food for those in need

Omaha, Nebraska – Those in need of food were once again supported on Tuesday after several non-profit organizations teamed up and donated a lot of food.

According to multiple reports, Omaha Steaks donated around 2,000 pounds worth of steaks, chicken and burgers to the Food Bank For the Heartland for further distribution to those in need.

This has been one of the largest donations for the food bank recently and it is especially important to note that this kind of food is in high demand.

“The more protein items that we can get in helps us tremendously. It helps families who are on tight budgets that cannot afford items like protein, produce and dairy. Which are difficult for folks to donate,” Brian Barks, President and CEO of Food Bank for the Heartland.

In addition to this donation, another huge donation took place on Tuesday. That said, Irish Charities of Nebraska donated a delivery of frozen chicken to the Heart Ministry Center.

According to the Heart Ministry Center officials, this donation will help them prepare food packages for more than 32,000 families. Just like with the Food Bank For the Heartland, this has been one of the biggest donations recently for the Heart Ministry Center.

United Rental employees also pitched in to donate their end-of-year gifts.

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