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Several Long Beach areas to be cleaned on September 17 for the Coastal Cleanup Day

Long Beach, California – Coastal Cleanup Day is an event that will be hosted at several cleanup sites across the state and is considered to be a statewide celebration. These locations may be found in Long Beach, and they are as follows: Junipero Beach, Alamitos Bay Marina, Mother’s Beach, the Peninsula, and Belmont Pier.

The California Coastal Commission, along with the assistance of other cities and counties, is organizing the 38th annual cleanup day. This year marks the event’s tenth anniversary. Crews from the El Dorado Park Nature Center will be on hand in Long Beach to assist in directing volunteers to the various cleanup areas and to provide logistical support.

An outreach manager with the Coastal Commission named Eben Schwartz stated that volunteers do not need to worry about bringing their own supplies such as bags. However, organizers do ask that people try to bring reusable supplies such as buckets and gardening gloves in order to cut down on the number of disposable gloves they have to provide.

Schwartz stated that while efforts are being made to clean up single-use plastics, efforts are also being made to reduce the number of single-use plastics that are utilized.

Schwartz stated that they anticipate this year’s turnout to be closer to normal, which has the potential to double the previous year’s mark of approximately 32,000 volunteers across the state. Despite the fact that the cleanup efforts have been forced to pivot to a hybrid approach over the past few years due to the pandemic, this year’s turnout is expected to be closer to normal.

If you are unable to make up to the beach on Saturday due to illness or other circumstances, the organization is still providing the option of a remote cleaning. On the website of the commission, you may find instructions on how to participate remotely, including how to utilize the Clean Sweep App to log the garbage that is collected.

Schwartz stated that cleaning up local parks and other inland locations can help keep beaches clean because, eventually, the rubbish will show up on the coastline. This may seem like an unusual way to hold a beach cleanup, but it is one way to help keep beaches clean. According to him, around eighty percent of the debris that is found at the beach comes from sources located inland.

Because of its location between the mouths of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers, Long Beach is at risk of having a significant amount of trash from inland washed up on its shores. In addition, the higher waves and gusts that were caused by the remains of Hurricane Kay brought in debris that was previously located further from the coast.

After the limits imposed by COVID-19 were relaxed, the city’s coastal cleanup coordinator, Matt Billinghurst, stated that the city is preparing for the possibility that greater waste would be left on the beach, but they are also hoping that more people will visit the beach this year. According to the city, during the three-hour cleanup event that took place the year before, more than 500 volunteers were able to remove around 1,000 pounds of debris.

According to what Billinghurst remarked, “It will most certainly be beneficial to have a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand people out there for that purpose.”

The annual California Coastal Cleanup Day is going to take place on September 17 starting at 9 in the morning. till noon. You can view a map of the cleanup spots in Long Beach by clicking on this link.

Kay only provides a trace amount of precipitation as crews continue to battle floods along the Peninsula.

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