Several influential United States senators proposed new bill if Russia decides to attack Ukraine anytime soon

Influential US senators from President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party on Wednesday unveiled a new bill that would impose sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin if Russia allegedly invades Ukraine, as well as additional military financial aid to Kiev.

The law, entitled “Defending Ukraine’s Sovereignty,” provides sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, senior military officials and several Russian banking entities in the event of an “invasion” and “escalation of hostilities.” However, the proposal does not mention how it will be determined that it is an invasion and not a retaliatory reaction from Russia.

The proposal envisions an additional $500 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine, which will go to the procurement of weapons systems, mainly from US manufacturers. The amount is more than double what US President Joe Biden’s administration set aside for the same purposes in favor of Kiev in 2021.

The situation around Ukraine has been tense for the last two months. The West claims that Russia is allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine and is deploying large military forces near the border. Moscow has argued that the movement of its forces on its territory was prompted by the constant build-up of forces and strategic armaments of Ukraine on the line of separation with the forces of the rebel Russian-dominated eastern regions after the 2014 coup, and that Kiev may be preparing for a military solution. of the Civil War, as well as the presence of American military instructors and troops in the region.

“This bill makes it clear that the US Senate will not cross its arms over the threat of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Bob Menendez, a Democrat chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement.

The text of the bill also calls on the United States to “consider all available and appropriate measures” to ensure that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which it considers an “instrument of malicious influence in the Russian Federation,” does not work at all.

The bill has the support of half, ie 25 Democratic senators, led by their leader Chuck Schumer, as well as the White House.

The bill “would be a severe blow to the Russian economy,” said White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn.

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