Seventy Canadian gymnasts complain of emotional and sexual abuse


A group of about 70 current and former athletes have called for an independent inquiry into the “toxic culture and abusive work practices” present in Canadian gymnastics.

– We can no longer be silent. We are ready to share our experiences of abuse, neglect and discrimination in the hope that we will make a difference. “We urge action to be taken to prevent the next generation of Canadian gymnasts from escaping the physical and psychological trauma we have endured,” said an open letter sent to the head of the Government of Canada’s Sports Department.

The letter reveals that Canadian gymnastics has a thriving cult of emotional, physical and sexual abuse by coaches against female athletes, many of whom are minors.

– The current management of “Gymnastics Canada” has failed to resolve these issues and earn the trust of athletes. Its failure to respond adequately to current systemic abuse and discrimination is worrying, the BBC said in an open letter.

Previously, similar accusations were made by the national gymnastics teams of the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Greece.

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