Secret documents about atomic weapons in Donald Trump’s villa?

After leaving office, former President of the United States Donald Trump retained top secret documents in his villa after he left office. According to a report by the daily “Washington Post,” among them is classified information regarding the atomic weapons of another country. However, the newspaper chose not to reveal any details regarding whose country this other country is.

The records were reportedly so important that even high-ranking officials of national security do not have access to them. The documents were obtained by investigators during a search of Trump’s private home, Mar-a-Lago in Florida, in the beginning of August. The property is located in Florida. To allow other members of the government to access the information contained in these documents, the president and a select few of the president’s closest friends from his cabinet are the only ones who have the right to do so. When it comes to certain covert operations carried out by the United States of America, only a select few members of the entire government apparatus are afforded the privilege of being aware of their very existence. Furthermore, documents pertaining to these covert operations are typically stored in highly secure locations while being supervised by controllers.

Shortly after Trump’s search, the Washington Post published an article stating that the FBI had requested secret documents on nuclear weapons. Trump referred to this as a “lie” after reading the article. According to the court papers, the raid resulted in the seizure of more than 11,000 images and documents related to the government. It is common knowledge that among those discovered were more than one hundred secret documents, some of which were of the highest level of classification. Trump may have violated the law by continuing to keep the documents on his own property after he left office, and this matter is currently the subject of an inquiry.

In the month of May, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal police investigated fifteen boxes of records that Donald Trump, after a protracted battle, gave to the National Archives of the United States to be stored there from his private property.

During that time period, the investigators came discovered 184 secret documents of varied degrees of sensitivity. Shortly after the injunction was issued, Trump’s legal team complied with the court’s directive and handed over 38 additional classified documents to the FBI, 17 of which were labeled “top secret.” We are talking about a total of at least 300 sensitive documents that Donald Trump preserved for himself following the conclusion of his time in the White House.

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