Scott Frost was fired and will no longer serve as the head coach of the Huskers Football Team

LINCOLN, Nebraska – The Nebraska Cornhuskers football program has announced that head coach Scott Frost would step down effective immediately.

Trev Alberts, Vice Chancellor of the University of Nebraska and Director of Athletics, stated that the Nebraska Athletics Department has appointed a new interim coach for the remaining games of the season.

According to what Alberts had to say, “earlier today I spoke with Coach Frost and advised him that we were making a change in the leadership of our football program, effective immediately.” I am grateful for the hard work and dedication that Scott has shown for the Nebraska football program throughout his time there as both a quarterback and as the head coach, and I acknowledge his efforts.

The remaining portion of the season will be coached by Associate Head Coach Mickey Joseph, who will also serve in his new role as an interim head coach.

“After the dismal start to our season, I concluded that the best way ahead for our program was to make a change in our head coaching position,” Alberts continued. “I am certain that we will continue to improve as a result of this move.”

During a press conference held on a Sunday afternoon, Alberts stated, “I prayed that this day would never come.”

During the press conference, Alberts explained the thinking behind the decision to remove Scott Frost as head coach and why he made the choice. According to Alberts, accountability was one of the factors.

“Accountability needs to matter…a record of 16-31 is not acceptable to us,” they said.

In addition, Alberts stated that Frost was accepting of the decision.

Frost’s $15 million contract will be paid in full by Nebraska Athletics, despite the fact that it was scheduled to be lowered to $7.5 million on October 1.

The program is going to start looking for a new coach around the country, and Alberts mentioned that the interim coach, Mickey Joseph, could be a candidate for the position.

“It would make my heart happy to watch Mickey mature into an obvious candidate, and he’ll be a part of that conversation,”

“Great coaches are people of character, people managers, grinders, and people who players want to follow,” said one player. “Great coaches are individuals who players want to follow.”

Alberts continued by saying that Frost did not lack one of those qualities.

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